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  • Welcome

    It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, smugglers, bounty hunters and fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic …

  • Home Page

    On the barren planet RYLOTH, a ragtag party of outcasts touched down in the capital city LESSU to update the defensive capabilities of their vessel the KRAIT FANG. During their expedition, they were joined by physician VEX-41 and trader VEDIS. Shortly …

  • R5 (aka RALF)

    A quirky astromech droid with a white chassis and red details. A little droid, one of the R5 model in the Robotic Activity and Language Facilitator (RALF) series, joined our party to escape life at the junk shop.

  • Trex

    Trandoshan Slaver who worked for Teemo the Hutt. In addition to retrieving wayward "employees", Trex was smuggling Wookie pelts for Teemo.

  • Gregg

    A large stoneskined Twi'lek that usually smells of engine grease. He secretly supports [[:buran-aka-bu-ran-ban | Buran (aka Bu'ran Ban)]] movement of "Ryloth for Twi'leks"

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