Gyre's Long Arm of the Hutt

The Story so far....
Location: Ryloth

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war.

Meanwhile, smugglers, bounty hunters and fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.

On the dusty Outer Rim planet of RYLOTH, a small band of outcasts hide from crime boss, TEEMO THE HUTT.

As plans go, it was a good one. We were going to use the fracas with Dobah to benefit our political leverage via Governor Crud, simultaneously increasing his reputation and decreasing our visibility. And here’s how it played out:
Buran and his merry crew ran a spiffy holonet broadcast praising Crud for toppling Dobah, and just generally extolling Crud’s virtues. He assures all Twi’leks that the Oligarch has Ryloth’s best interests at heart, and he warns those who seek to harm Crud’s constituents that Crud protects his own.
While the broadcast was in progress, Pash called Crud and commended the Governor’s support of Ryloth for Twi’leks and the successful take-down of the Aqualish thug.
Crud was waaaay to the left of amused. In fact, he was nearly apoplectic. His initial response was a yelp: “Do you know who he was working for? I may have to leave the planet now!” But Pash’s silver tongue smoothed the Oligarch’s excessively ruffled feathers, gradually calming him. The smuggler pointed out that Dobah’s death would lead to a decrease in slavery and kidnapping of Twi’leks, and would vastly improve Crud’s reputation. Eventually, the reluctant Oligarch bent to Pash’s will, going so far as to agree that not only would Crud continue to support Buran, he’d back Buran’s acquisition of Dobah’s mine, send aid to Buran’s settlement, and lend Buran his ear on all future matters of state. He even agree to give us a 1,000 credit “research fee.” Huzzah!
Back on the Fang, Sasha was busy digging around in Dobah’s computer. She easily cracked the encryption and accessed the records of Dobah’s dealings. Most of the info on the drives were standard business records—intake and output from the mine, employee lists, expenditures and profit, etc. Many of his purchases were linked to security measures. His acquisitions list included an entry for Bok Torn one week ago. His multiple Galactic bank accounts proved to be his only financial holdings. The only thing that sparked Sasha’s interest related to his shipping…
As anticipated, most of the shipments leaving from Ryloth were carried by smugglers and freighters, many of them names familiar to the party. But over half of the carriers were owned by one Lonay Sati Shipping Company. And all of the payments for ryll indicated a kickback to Dobah over and above the going market rate for the shipments of ryll. Lonay Sati picked up shipments daily via freighter and use the Corellian Run.
Curious about the shipping firm, Sasha did more digging about Twi’lek Lonay Sati. She learned that hise firm is headquartered on Mon Gazza, and does all sorts of shipping in the Arkanis sector. While mostly legitimate, there have been allegations of criminal activity linked to the firm.
A few random details:
• The bounties on us remain at 50,000 credits. A 20,000 bounty on Teemo’s Firespray has been added.


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