A short and stout Bothan encountered in Nabat.


A short and stout Bothan with a long snout, long pointed ears and intelligent eyes. His fur is silver white and ripples when he speaks.


Seeks a group of quick thinking spacers to attend a party on Geonosis.

“I have been invited to a private function to be
hosted by a Geonosian duke, Duke Piddock. I
am not expected to turn up myself, of course,
but the duke will expect a few guests to appear
as representative of my interests. This duke recently
planned to do some deals with Teemo,
then changed his mind. As it happens, this
duke has a rival, Duke Dimmock, who is due to
deliver some goods to Teemo in a few days. If
Dimmock knew what made Piddock change his
mind, he might agree to help us…"


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